C 5/6 steam locomotive english

C 5/6 steam locomotive english

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C 5/6 steam locomotive TS20xx Download
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Legends on rails

Elephants on the Gotthard

SBB C 5/6 steam locomotive 2978 2969

Train Simulator TS20xx 

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Article No 6043en
Publisher: simtrain.ch
Developer: simtrain.ch
Language: Deutsch, Français, English      
Version: 3000


Nostalgic steam train on the Gotthard

Drive the imposing Gotthard steam locomotive C 5/6 2978 and 2969 over the spectacular Gotthard
mountain route. You travel in nostalgic coaches from the 1930s in 1st, 2nd and 3rd class.
A novelty is the animated coal crane and the moving arm of the water when filling the steam
locomotive in Erstfeld and Göschenen.
Try to climb the Gotthard north ramp with a double steam train.
A unique experience not to be missed!


Steam double traction

Interactive scenario: stash coal

Interactive scenario: fill up with water


- 6 train driver scenarios for the Gotthard Panorama Express

GPE_28 Ascent with manoeuvre

GPE_29 Nostalgic train through Urnerland

GPE_30 From Goeschenen to Lake Uri

GPE_31 Company outing with elephant

GPE_32 2 elephants in a double pack

GPE_33 With the elephant into the valley

Free Roam

FSp_15           Steam locomotive start in Erstfeld

FSp_16           Steam locomotive start in Goeschenen

Quick Drive

The steam locomotives can also be driven in "Quick Drive".

Screen texts completely in English !

Comprehensive english manual with tips and tricks !
You will receive a duty shedule for each scenario!

System: TS 20xx installed and executable
Route: Gotthard Panorama Express (simtrain.ch)