Alpine Classic Pullman Express

Alpine Classic Pullman Express

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RhB Apine Classic Pullman Express Download
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Legends on rails

Alpine Classic Pullman Express

TS 2020

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En route with the "Blue" crocodile Ge 6/6 I 412 and the luxurious Pullman cars.

With the new RhB "Legends on Rails" add-on, you can experience pure railroad romance on your PC.
Indulge in the luxury of the golden twenties! The "Alpine Classic" with the legendary crocodile
and the Art Deco-style Pullman saloon car takes you back to an almost forgotten time.

Eating with a view: enjoy the Rhaetian Railway's nostalgic route network Dining car Gourmino the
culinary and alpine delights.
The "Blue Crocodile Ge 6/6 I" 412 "was built in 2006 on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the
Glacier Express, suitable for the Alpine Pullmann Classic, painted dark blue, but already in 2008
after a gearbox damage exploited and scrapped.

Electric engine:

Ge 6/6 I 412 blue crocodile


Passenger- and freight car:

Alpine Classic Pullman wagon AS 1141-1144
Dining car "Gourmino" WR 3812
Alpine Classic luggage cart D2 4051



Ge 6/6 I 412 blue crocodile



Alpine Classic Pullman Cars AS 1141-1144

Dining car "Gourmino" WR 3812

Alpine Classic luggage car D2 4051

The Szenarios:

5 train driver services, documented with service timetables, are included:

- NOS11 From Grüsch to the Vereina tunnel
              Crocodile with historical train from Prättigau to Selfranga Departure 3:00 pm - autumn – cloudy

- NOS12 Replacement for Regio with blue crocodile
              From Klosters Dorf up to Davos Glaris Departure 12.00 pm - summer – rainy weather

- NOS13 Special train from the Engadine
              from the entrance to Filisur via Wiesen to Davos Departure 4:00 pm - winter, snowfall

 - NOS14 Alpine Classic Panorama Express Davos - Landquart 
               Start with maneuver in Davos, destination Landquart From Davos Platz depot -
               departure 3.30 pm - winter – beautiful

- NOS15 Blue crocodile in special operation 
              Start with maneuvers in Klosters, drive to Küblis, empty trip to Fideris  
              and with „moor heads“ to Serneus Büel Departure 09.00 am - autumn - beautiful

This add-on includes scenarios for the Heidi Express.


System requirements:
Train Simulator 2012-2020
Windows 7 / 8 / 10 (64 bit)
3.0 GHz CPU or other dual core processor
8.0 GB RAM
DirectX 9.0c compatible graphics card with 1024 MB video RAM
Download-Size: 0.2 GB

Customers say ...

Thank you and the whole team for the beautiful railways!
Best regards from Bern K.L.